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Door Hanger Application

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Please fill out the form then send your resume to Trinten@UtahTruAgency.com
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Job Description 

Job Title
Marketing Distributor (Door Hanger)
Based in Tooele City
Tooele County, Salt Lake County, Utah County, Davis County, Wasatch County
We are seeking motivated individuals to participate in our marketing campaigns, these individuals will be assigned certain neighborhoods and will hang our door hangers on every house in that area.
Job Requirements
  • Must have a valid driver's license and reliable transportation, you will be asked to hang in and along the Wasatch front.

  • Must be able to complete your assignment between the hours of 9-5 (flexible scheduling, evenings are not available)

  • Must be physically able to walk for extended periods of time over large areas. 

  • Must keep a fully charged phone or tablet on your person 

  • Must feel comfortable to navigate distressed neighborhoods on foot.

  • Must be honest and act with integrity

Job Description
  • You will start your day by coming to the office (756 N Main Street, Tooele) and receive an assignment of hanging 100-400 marketing pieces on houses in specific neighborhoods.  

  • Door hangers are to be hung within 24 hours of receiving the assigned neighborhood or marketing material must be brought back to the office.

  • You will be asked to download applications on your smartphone or tablet, this will be the instrument used to clock in and out as well as allowing you to track where you've been and where you are going. 

  • You will travel to the assigned location and deliver the marketing to the front door (door hangers hung on the door handle) of each property, these neighborhoods will be different everyday! 

  • You’ll be compensated bi monthly, you are paid ($0.25) per hanger! The more you do the more you get!!.

*Note from Trinten*

I personally was averaging about 60 doors per hour just strolling through the neighborhood which is $15/Hour! Where as when I was keeping a high pace jog, I could hang nearly 120 in an hour and double that!

Remember this is also dependents on the density of houses in the assigned neighborhood.

Please fill out the form then send your resume to Trinten@UtahTruAgency.com