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Receive A Full Cash Offer

This is the best option for anyone looking to sell their home as quickly as possible. No Real Estate Agents, no commissions, no showings. Just get your cash, and move on. 

+ Fastest Option

+ Cash in as little as 7 days

+ No showings

+ No Realtors

+ Don't pay commissions

+ No repairs needed

+ Low Risk

x No Market Exposure

x Lower Sales Price

List For Top Dollar

If you are wanting to maximize the sale of your home and don't have a lot of repairs to do, this is the option for you. Listing your home with Tru Agency will guarantee that you sell your home effectively. 

+ Maximize Your Equity

+ Market Exposure

+ Work with Professionals

+ Paid for repairs

x 30-60 Day Process

x Showings Required

x Must Prepare Home for Market

x Commissions

Flip Your Own Home

Have you ever wanted to be the star of your own home flipper show? Here's your chance. Work with our crews, and see what it takes to turn your out-dated home into a must-see commodity. 

+ Increase Home Value

+ Market Exposure

+ Work with Our Crews

+ No Experience Needed

+ Video Marketing

+ High Potential Return

x Longest Process

x High Risk

x Management Fee

x Commissions