PSA: You Could Be Paying Too Many Taxes!


Your Property Tax Notice Has a Surprise That Could Cost You Thousands!!

Friends and Family!! This year, the Utah State Legislature has made it mandatory that you fill out a form and have it on file with the County Assessor or your taxable value could DOUBLE!! For the average home in Tooele County, that could mean an increase of almost $2,000/year in your property taxes! Woof! 

Basically, what happened is this. The Utah State Legislature passed a new rule that says the County that you reside in has to have proof that you are actually residing in the house you live in in order for you to receive the 45% reduction in your taxable rate. In other words, as long as you are living in a house you own, you only pay 55% of the assessed property tax. That’s one of the benefits of home ownership. And now you have to prove it to the county. 

To keep you from paying taxes that you don’t need to pay (and WHO likes doing that??), follow these simple steps:

When you received your property tax notice from Tooele County, there was a BLUE FORM. Don’t throw it away! Fill it in and send it to the Assessor’s office.If you did throw it away, DON’T PANIC!! The Assessor (in Tooele, it’s Wendy Shubert) will send you another one. Fill that one out. Send it back. Crisis averted!If you don’t like snail mail, and you’re worried that big government is looking for another way to stick it to you, you can go online. Here’s the link. you just want to fill the form out, here’s the link:

Normally, I’m worried that your property tax valuation has you paying more taxes than you should. That may be the case this year as well. If you’re curious what your house is really worth, give me a call or shoot me an email. I’ll let you know what the comparables say. More importantly, I want you to preserve your rights to the exemption that saves you almost 50% of your tax bill.

Thanks for taking the time to get updated! Talk to you soon!

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